For months, a certain group of my well-sourced friends have been planning a vicious DC-gossip blog. Why not, right? Wonkette has been unreadable since they fired Megan. (HAHAHAHA a Sarah Palin fail-o-meter! How could Nick Denton sell such an urgent, vital voice?) So today, Unattributable makes its debut. The first hit is free:

Which presidential candidate is rumored to have had a hand (or something else) in ending the first marriage of one of his own party’s most revered public voices? Aforementioned candidate (then a senator) had reportedly been caught in flagrante delicto with the young bride, who had become an aide in his office in her early twenties.

This rumor has been going around in DC for six months or so, but has been gaining momentum lately. More than one “MSM” outlet is currently working to confirm the details. But maybe they’ll wait for the National Enquirer to break it first…..

More hints to come tomorrow.

This one is sure hard to figure out!

Spencer Ackerman

Spencer Ackerman

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