fail.thumbnail.jpgIt’s been an absolutely brutal two weeks for McSame.

On September 15th, the Gallup tracking poll had him up 1. That, as it would have it, was the same day McSame said the economy was "fundamentally strong."

Since then:

Surrogate Fail, 9/16: Fiorina says neither McSame or Palin could run a major company.

Neocon Fail, 9/17: McSame rejects Spain as an ally.

Wall Street Fail, 9/18: Not the best time to be a pimp for financial deregulation.

Constitution Fail, 9/18: McSame says he’d fire SEC Chief, though by law he can’t.

Pundit Fail, 9/21: The Village mocks McSame’s totally incoherent response to the crisis.

Message Fail, 9/21: McSame goes on "60 Minutes" and says financial deregulation is awesome.

Interview Fail, 9/24: Palin’s first cringe-inducing sit down with Katie Couric.

Campaign Stunt Fail, 9/24: McSame "suspends" campaign, "postpones" debate.

Interview Fail II, 9/25: Palin’s second disastrous interview with Couric.

Campaign Stunt Fail II, 9/26: McSame unsuspends campaign, decides to debate.

Debate Fail, 9/26: McSame gets his ass kicked by Obama.

Interview Fail III, 9/29: McSame and Palin both crash and burn on Couric.

Bailout Fail, 9/29: After McSame boasts about bailout bill, it fails to pass — and the markets crash.

Leadership Fail, 9/30: McSame blamed for bailout bill failure.

The problem seems to be that reality is in the tank for the Obama campaign.

Blue Texan

Blue Texan