Let’s see…how do you think the Freepi and the rest of the fringe will react to this.  (Huff Post):

Famed conservative columnist George Will told a gathering of Senate aides on Monday that Gov. Sarah Palin is “obviously” not prepared to assume the presidency if necessary, two event attendees told the Huffington Post.

Appearing at a Senate Press Secretaries Association reception at the Cornerstone Government Affairs office, Will offered a harsh assessment of John McCain’s running mate. Palin is “obviously not qualified to be President,” he remarked, describing her interview on CBS Evening News with Katie Couric as a “disaster.”

…Last week, Kathleen Parker of the National Review penned a column calling on the Alaska Governor to be dropped from the ticket. New York Times columnist David Brooks and former Bush speechwriter David Frum have also expressed their doubts about Palin’s capacity for the vice presidential post.

You can find out what the knuckledraggers think of the conservative revolt against Palin after the jump.Here’s the reaction to other conservatives who want to give Palin the heave-ho (Joe Scarborough and NR’s Rich Lowry). I dare say that the delusion level in Freeperland over Sarah Palin has reached untreatable levels. They are too far gone.

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I am so sick of this garbage and I am literally salivating at the thought of Vice President Palin telling the LSM to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine!

I’m glad that the MSM is setting up a let down. Palin will do really well against that dumb-and-even-dumber Biden.

Obama is an insult to hard working intelligent black men. Is that racist?

Rich Lowry is a cry baby Romneybot and I guess they still have dirt on Joe.

Yep, the left and the MSM would be thrilled to see her go. Those on the right calling for her ouster must be nuts. Even if she were as bad as they say, dumping a VP nominee at this late date would make a gift of the election to Obama.

And Ann Coulter told us that John Roberts would be a bad jurror on the Supreme Court.

They would have had a lower grade, but there are no more letters in the alphabet. Probably a station that was a Kwame “enabler”

and meanwhile the rumours are running rampant that brainless joe biden is going to be replaced….but the lame stream media won’t open up that can of worms…

Interesting that the article is titled More Conservatives Calling for Palin’s Ouster and then it first cites an Obama supporter, then an MSNBC talking head, then an off-the-reservation columnist. PDS, pure and simple.

She is the reason McCain has any shot at winning. Period.


Anybody care to guess what the polls would look like if McCain picked Lieberman instead of Palin?

Complete nonsense. Conservatives are excited about Sarah and looking forward to her debate this Thursday against the Human Gaffe Machine!

I literally hate these people! I am a conservative and I still think she is great.

If McCain wins, does that mean the Conseravative suckups will recant their “Sarah must go” mantra? If there was ever a case for “post-election” payback, these conservative writers need to get some.

She’s the reason we’re going to win in a landslide, they NEED to destroy her. Great, relevant video at the link.


Yeah, she’s so dumb she figured out all by herself how to get elected governor! (There is no Palin dynasty in Alaska with which to benefit from rich and powerful relatives.)

Somebody has been spending too much time on the bong.

God created Sarah for times such as these. I know it. I feel it. She is no Dan Quayle. There is something special happening here. I believe it. I believe in Sarah.

Hey Lowry Palin Derangement Syndrome is doing more to ruin YOUR used-to-be-brilliant brand more than she is ruining her own. Clean your own house and let Sarah clean Biden’s clock Thursday, kay?

So, in their mind, being a conservative means that you’re dumb? Do they really think that you have to be liberal to be intelligent? Wait…..yes they do! I hope the few conservatives (if any) that actually are complaining about Palin will stop their nonsense and unify under the McCain-Palin ticket. We have the threat of a socialist madman being elected POTUS, for crying out loud!!!!! Do they value their squabbling so much that they will let the Obamination become President, allowing him to advance the radical, socialist agenda?

Still not as pathetic as that dumazz obozo standing on the stage during the debate saying “I’ve got a bracelet too!”

Hmmmm More Conservatives Calling for Palins Ouster? ..did I miss the conservatives cited in the article that called for her ouster? I read it twice. They quoted a few people but the ones that were negative were Democrats and referencing Former GOP congressman Joe Scarborough doesn’t count because he hasn’t been conservative since…well who knows since when.

These must be those “randomly chosen” Code Pink conservatives.

If it wasn’t for Palin, McCain would have been finished weeks ago. Unfortunately, they have misused her, and he’s apparently trying to finish himself off now instead.

I’m really confused. I saw these “Republican Insiders calling for Palin ouster” on both Fox and CNN. From what I can see, it’s McCain that’s dragging down Palin, not visa versa.

Ain’t that the truth. We’d be sitting here watching obama 15 points up without her. I wish someone would kick some butt on the Fannie/Freddie mess.

One thing that comes through in parts of Gov Palin’s interviews is the disdain she has for the media. I think that attitude contributes to the halfhearted answers she gives to the stupid questions. Should she end up in the WH with McCain there are some individuals if not networks that will have their access severely limited.

I believe Sarah has special qualities as well, but it sure seems like the McCain campaign has not let her do her thing. It’s like having a Ferrari but only taking it for a short, slow drive around the block every other Sunday. When are they going to totally unleash her? Maybe after the debate? I sure hope there’s some kind of “strategery” going on here.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding