Here is the new ad out from Republicans Against 8, the brave souls who, at least on this issue, are bucking the religious fringe wing of the party by opposing Proposition 8. It’s too bad they can’t convince McCain/Palin to take this position on the issue.

The ad is called “Freedom is a Republican Value” — Republicans Against 8 campaign manager Scott Schmidt, who passed this video along, said:

The video ends with a dual message to Republican voters in November: “It will take a Republican to put a woman in the White House,” and that, “The Republican Party is the Party of freedom, not taking it away.” The group is asking voters to reject Proposition 8, the California Initiative Constitutional Amendment which would eliminate the right to marry for same-sex couples.

“Just a Century ago, women had fewer rights than gays and lesbians have today,” said Schmidt. “It took Republican leadership to make progress in expanding rights for women.  Members of our party should not turn their backs on that Grand Old legacy of promoting fairness and freedom.”

OK, now I happen to think that using Ronald Reagan (who did oppose the Briggs amendment), and Richard Nixon (who helped make Title IX a reality) are smart examples to showcase their POV, but WTF was Sarah Palin doing in that ad (“It will take Republicans to put a woman in the White House)? That undermines the group’s legitimate entire spin on the issue of freedom.

Sarah Palin has no record of being pro-LGBT and believes in state control of a woman’s reproductive freedom. The one bill she did sign (for same-sex partner benefits in Alaska), was one she disagreed with. It was only because she knew a veto wouldn’t fly in the courts that she came on board. That’s not advocacy for extending freedom. It’s too bad this group’s ad overreached in trying to make the point by giving any air time to Palin.

The better part of wisdom would be to keep the focus on Arnold Schwarzeneggar, who embodies a much better grasp and balance of the issue of freedom. His approach on marriage equality, though slower than many would have liked, ultimately resulted in the legal foundation to make passing this amendment difficult.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding