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Well this is interesting

US House of Representatives

Watching C-SPAN, it seems as thought Speaker Pelosi came through with her votes and John A. Boehner failed to deliver his half. I don’t think we’ve seen a vote held open this long in the House in this Congress. With a spread of more than 10 it is going to take a ton of Horse trading to get these votes. (Especially with calls and emails to Congress are running 100-1 against.)

I believe under House rules if the bill is pulled from the floor, they need to wait until the next legislative day to bring it back. With Rosh Hashana coming at sunset, this is going to get interesting. 

Update: Vote gaveled – it failed.

Update 2: Rush Limbaugh: "if a socialism bill fails and the market goes
south, let the market go south." 

Update 3: Blunt and Cantor blame Pelosi, suggesting her floor speech caused   the nonpartisan Republicans to vote against the bill.

Update 4: Josh Marshall: "If McCain doesn’t suspend his campaign again soon — it may be time to panic. On second thought, I thought McCain had gotten the Republicans."

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