hiding.thumbnail.jpgBarbra Striesand has some hard words on how the McCain campaign is handling, or rather "cloistering" his running mate from media scrutiny:

When you run for the second highest office in the land, you better be ready to answer questions from the press and the American people. The public needs to see her and hear her, to read about her so they can judge her and cast an informed vote on Election Day.

This reminds me of the movie business…when the studio knows it has a dud on its hands, they ban reviewers from seeing it beforehand.

Continuing in her blog, Streisand comments that Palin:

needs to hold press conferences and answer tough questions about the most pressing issues facing our country, like the economy, foreign policy, and the Iraq war.

The elusive Gov GILF was last seen in Philadelphia bar before the Presidential debate Friday night.  Wearing jeans with a leopard print buckle and Phillies jersey, she did not take questions from reporters. Nor–big surprise–did she talk policy. But the public did get a chance to see her as she posed for pictures and chatted with supporters before making an approximately minute-long statement that included :

We have an opportunity to put government back on the side of the people and shake things up in D.C.


Lisa Derrick

Lisa Derrick

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