Dear Leader gave a feeble prime time address last week, but wouldn’t you expect, in a time of financial crisis with a record drop in the stock market, that the President of the United States would take to the airwaves this evening to:

1) Explain what happened today on the Hill;

2) Reassure the markets that an agreement of some kind will be reached;

3) Describe the impact on the average person who has a bank account, stocks, etc.;

4) Outline the effect on small and large businesses and availability of credit.

I’m not even advocating that the man take one side or the other – it’s the fact that for all intent and purpose he’s abdicated his responsibility to reassure and inform the nation about what happened today. For all we know, he could be kicking back in Crawford.

There are probably dozens of very basic questions that many Americans have that a hands-on President would feel obligated to address. After all, this is part of the job – keeping morale up, outlining the difficulties, show that moves are being made to get factions to work together to craft a solution.

Bush is MIA. He may be a lame duck, but the man is POTUS and is refusing to step up in a time of crisis. He doesn’t even look like he’s trying.

Of course it was easy for him to stand up on the rubble of the WTC back in 2001 and puff up his chest with tough talk – there was someone else to blame for the horror. In this case, there’s nowhere else to credibly point the finger — this is the Bush/McCain economy, and he’s not man enough to go to the airwaves to face the public on the night the market severely tanked.

Leadership, MIA. DOA.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding