I’ll take ‘Moose Trivia” for $200, Gwen


McCain spokesblond and career Koch-whore Nancy Pfotenhauer takes her rictus grin to Fox where she tries to mau-mau Gwen Ifill into asking questions that Sarah Plain might be capable of answering.

Perhaps they can stick to topics like "Things That Are White Like Snow.", "Days Of The Week Ending In ‘-day’", or "Names Of My Kids".

Actually, when N-Pfot mentioned "a more even-handed approach, particularly with the challenges that we’re facing…", I thought the challenges she was talking about were  the ones the Palin handlers were facing trying to get their gibbering idiot of a VP candidate programed for Thursday. You almost get the feeling that every time Plain doesn’t flub an answer a McCain staffer is going to throw her a fish.

Maybe they’ll let her honk a horn with her nose. That would be adorable.

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