Update (10:05 PM PDT): A note from my friend Helen Boyd over at En|Gender:

We started the day at 105 donors and $5400. We ended the day (midnight, EST) at 196 donors and $10,746. That’s a net of 91 donors and $5346 for Obama’s campaign. We did good!

My very personal thanks to all who donated from The Blend. My peers and I really, really appreciate it.


Awhile ago I mentioned that I donated to the Obama Campaign as part of a trans bundling of donations. CafePress: Pam's House Blend Trans AllyI donated specifically because I wanted to send a message to candidate Obama that trans people have supported his campaign — it would be something to point to when ENDA and the Matthew Sheppard Act come up again in the next Congress.

As a group, trans people are pretty impoverished. When we did a needs assessment in San Diego, we found that the unemployment rate for trans people was ten times higher here than the unemployment rate for the general population, Act Blue's Trans And Trans SOFFA Obama Donation Page Thermometerand we found that 57% of respondents were trying to live on less than $20,000.00 a year. Frankly, most of my subcommunity of the LGBT community doesn’t have a lot of resources to put to political campaigns. Passing a fully inclusive ENDA — one with gender identity and expression included in the bill’s text — is a real need for all gender-variant people who need jobs.

I’m on a fixed income. Even so, I’ve donated to political campaigns (No On Prop 8 and a few candidates) this year, including to the Obama campaign. I donated through the page the Stonewall Democrats/Act Blue set up to collect money from trans people and their SOFFAs (that’s Significant Others, Friends, Families, and Allies). The point isn’t that we get a bunch of folk donate the maximum of $2,300.00 to the campaign — a bunch of folk donating as little as $5.00 each to the Obama Campaign sends a message that trans people and their SOFFAs are thinking about what Obama has said previously about trans people and trans issues when they’re donating.

Well, it’s the end of the campaign finance quarter, and the Stonewall Democrats and I are encouraging those who are planning to donate this month to the Obama Campaign, consider doing it in a through this Act Blue campaign tool that sends the message to the Obama Campaign that you support the T in LGBT. And, if you weren’t considering donating in a way that says you support trans people before, please take a moment and consider it now — it’s important.

If you decide to donate, please let us know in the comments.


I should have mentioned earlier that this is a post for the Trans Blog Day For Obama. The further reading section includes some of the other trans bloggers posting for this coordinated blog event.


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Autumn Sandeen

Autumn Sandeen