Daddy Dobson hasn’t weighed in on the news that John McCain supports his socially out, professionally closeted gay chief of staff Mark Buse, who was honored with BlogActive’s Roy Cohn Award last week. Mike Signorile added to the Buse news when two former boyfriends of Buse came forward to discuss Buse’s lobbying and close relationship to the McCains. Mike noted that the story here is about the hypocrisy of the professional anti-gay, personal homosexualist McCain:

What else does the reality of Mark Buse’s life say about John McCain? Does he see his own chief of staff, someone he has known now for 20 years, as someone who should have no rights, no hate crimes protections, and no employment protection in the private sector? Does he see his own loyal chief of staff as someone who should be hounded by Christian conservatives, pressured to enter damaging “conversion” therapy programs, and made a target of violence that is inspired by the hate spewed by agents of intolerance?

Professional homophobe Bishop Harry Jackson, never one to shy away from a media opportunity, beat Daddy D to the punch in reacting to this hypocrisy.

“That’s the reason why this little thing was leaked,” says Jackson. “The pro-gay, anti-church groups see themselves in a death-lock in a war — and they hope to create a sense of disunity among Christians around [the question] ‘can we really trust McCain?'”

According to Jackson, the announced “outing” of Buse is a calculated political move. “I think this attack has come at this moment because of the issues of marriage amendments in these states and the issue of a pro-family agenda,” the pastor suggests. “And I wish [McCain] was more engaged positively, because he’s getting the negative attack no matter what.”

Jackson believes it is important to speak out against all forms of immorality, but that Christians also have a responsibility “not to let the character of Jesus and the message of the gospel be misrepresented as bigoted, homophobic, and narrow.”

The Family Research Council and Focus on the Family both declined to comment on the story.

Gee, why haven’t Tony Perkins or James Dobson started bleating their outrage at the professional anti-gay, personal homosexualist John McCain? Those folks have big-time Hair Trigger Press Release Syndrome on just about every other topic. They have no comment on whether employing openly gay ho-mo-sexuals.

By the way, Harry, it’s not an attack if the person in question is not in the closet. The only people in the dark are the voters (and contributor$) outside the Beltway that you and the professional “Christian” set call your Base. We’re only shining a light on the reality in DC, and the games the Republicans play when they need to lie down with the dogs of your flea-ridden movement.

By the way, Mike Signorile has yet another former Buse boyfriend who’s ready to go on his show and spill more details. We’ll keep you in the loop.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding