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Which Way To The Snark Gallery?

John McCain 2008 is the worst campaign/candidate in the history of Presidential politics, a fitting coda to the worst Presidency in U.S. history.

&I know a little bit about bad Prez campaigns: I was one-third of the Lee County, Florida, George McGovern 1972 effort. McGovern got 21% of the vote in Lee County in ’72. Without the work of we three politico-freeks McGovern might have hit 22%.

I was 17. My compatriots were in their early twenties and mostly we smoked Jamaican and listened to music but we also phone banked some right up to around nine-ten at night. I drove all over Lee County putting up "George McGovern: Man For All Reasons" posters along roadsides.

The local Democratic officials got angry phone calls from people we called around nine-ten.

I was accosted at a Gov. Reubin Askew event in downtown Fort Myers by a Democrat running for a seat in the Florida House (iirc).

"I have a complaint about your man George!" she seethed, waving a sheaf of papers at me. "Somebody has been putting McGovern posters on all my signs in the county! Everywhere! I’m not saying it was you…"

Shrug. Neither confirm nor deny. 17…you know.

It wasn’t like I covered her signs, I just stapled mine to the bottoms. She lost by 53 votes (iirc).

I did for her campaign what John McCain is doing to his own campaign: he breathes — "Loser!" — with every whiny, imploring statement he makes.

Unable to conceal his zeal to be a Victorious War President, McCain betrays himself as the most psychologically damaged Prez candidate since George W. Bush.

Has any candidate in history made such a habit of shooting himself in the foot while it’s still in his mouth?

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