Well at the end of July we took the plunge and signed on the dotted line to have a 11 KW solar power system installed on our roof. As of today our provider Solar City has completed all of the paper work and permitting/Application for installing the system with our electric power provider PG&E. They are now putting together the permits for the city and state for the installation.

One of the benefits of signing with Solar City is that it is a turn key project. In other words they do all the applications/permits, design, installation and completely oversee the project. We pay nothing until the system is actually turned on! Then and only then do we start our monthly lease payments. Which includes all maintenance and repairs.

We went with Solar City because there was no out of pocket money to put up for the system and we will start having an immediate saving on our electric bill. With the decreased costs of electricity and the cost of the solar lease we will be saving approximately $100.00 a month and in the heavy winter months the saving will be greater monthly savings.

Solar City has an online calculator so you to can also see if you can save money on your electric bill at Solar City It is so easy to use that even a caveman can do it!! So go ahead and check them out so you can also start saving money and help stop Global Warming. Yes Global Warming is real! Don’t listen to the nay sayers they are just trying to make more money on fossil fuels, which we all know DO contribute to Global Warming.

I will be updating the Diary as things progress and I will also provide the carbon offsets we can to be expecting to generating! We can’t wait until WE become a Electric Power Generating station!!



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