Sorry for the lack of, well, anything. I’m currently going through another kidney stone episode and it’s all I can do to just spread out on the bed and let the gallons of water I’ve been drinking and vicodin & Flomax cocktail do their stuff. Unfortunately this has been going on since last Tuesday which, needless to say, made the trip to Arizona and Utah a bit of a challenge particularly because of the heat.


On the plus side, I was able to pull it together and watch the lovely and talented Casey play in a couple of games which was the purpose of the trip since no sane person goes to Phoenix this time of year. She played well and we got to spend some time together which made it all worthwhile.

Since I wasn’t up to doing much else, I spent a great deal of time in the hotel room(s) watching TV which is something I don’t do too much of.  I actually watched the debate and I thought that McCain’s performance probably played well to his base since they seem to go for that glittery-eyed fear!fear!fear! message particularly when delivered with a soupçon of smug dickishness.

Unfortunately he’s going to need more than his base to carry him in November and I don’t think that Caribou Barbie is  doing much in the way of heavy lifting for the campaign. For some unexplainable reason her debate with Biden is making me nervous, although I’m sure I’m giving the McCain brain trust way too much credit thinking that they’ll pull off some kind of political rope-a-dope. I mean, she can’t really be that stupid, can she?

Like a lot of people I am endlessly hooked on FiveThirtyEight. I must check it ten times a day. You should have it bookmarked.

 By the way, if the economy is going in the tank, you’d never know it by the crowds in Vegas and at McCarran airport today. It was about the busiest I ever seen it. I guess the crap tables are the new Wall Street.

Lastly, thank you to Candy in LA for the Daniel Mendelsohn book. Looks like I’ve got plenty of time to lie around and read it.



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