Ronald Reagan started it – the conservative Big Ideas on how to turn our country into more for them and less for everyone else. Now, after almost 30 years of Government Sux philosophers and their adolescent wet dreams at the helm, we see where they have forced us – into a dark corner, with cattle prods.I can’t tell if we are truly at the brink of disaster or if this is just another color-coded terrorist threat warning, another smash-and-grab armed robbery.

In a Banana Republic (are we there yet?), the Shock Doctrine is applied when the country is in crisis, either natural or man-made. We’re apparently there.If the country collapses from this ridiculous, infuriating Wall Street boondoggle, we need a plan ready and here’s the first draft of mine. Tell me if you think it’s nuts or if, under the right circumstances, it could work.

My main concern here is to keep one gang from grabbing it all, as we’ve just witnessed.Our country is too large for one person, place or thing (President, DC, 3 co-equal branches of government) to deal with effectively. How can one way of doing things apply equally to 305,280,471 people? It can’t. The Founding Fathers surely never anticipated 300 million people living under one umbrella. Socrates’ notions about nation states envisioned populations of 35,000 max. Small is beautiful.

Now, I hear you saying the problem is with the two party system and we need more parties. Yes, I agree. Maybe we should talk about something more radical. How about dividing the country into roughly four sections – NE, SE, NW, SW – and having a regional vice president for each section and combine the states’ leges into one big lege (think Congress in quarters). The country is already roughly divided along these lines and the areas share similar geographies, weather patterns, transportation challenges and cultures. Think Europe before the Euro, but with more better coordination and cooperation between states.

We have seen the workings of our federal government go from somewhat translucent to brick wall in 8 short years, with the unstated aim of draining our treasury into their many mansions’ heated swimming pools, under the guidance of a crew with whom many citizens wanted to have a brewskie or two not too long ago. Another 4 years of this kind of "governing" and we could, indeed, see the end of our democracy.

Although we were warned from the beginning that we must work hard to keep this democracy of ours from being stolen, it didn’t seem possible in our lifetimes . Until now. We’ve dumbed down our populace to the point where few of us even know it’s our sworn duty to keep the bastards from stealing us blind. Who would have thunk that a handful of people already in plain view, not terrorists, not pirates but Republicans, could have brought us to this brink?

There is lots to flesh out. I’m hoping that you can talk me down from this, as I got it from a very racist, confederate flag-waving person. I hate it when good ideas come from bad people.



Mom to Sprout, potter, writer, political junkie, live in Azusa, CA.