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Calling all Scapegoats—Mosque gassed after hate DVD stuffed in newspaper

The vile scum that support John McCain will, I hope either be sued up the wazoo or arrested. Over the past couple of weeks a hate DVD has been circulated in Sunday newspapers. It started in Florida, came to my own house last week as it did to houses in Ohio. It was the excuse a bunch of domestic terrorists used to toss some kind of pepper or tear gas into a mosque on Friday. The room that it landed in happened to have women and children in it. Six and seven year old children who escaped from Iraq and Syria to come to the US now want to go back home.

Lest anyone think the DVD is just an independent enterprise, some of our military colleges have invited the makers of the film to come and offer lectures.

First they came for the gays, but gays are going more mainstream now so now they’re coming for the Muslims, who will be next?

The thing is, I doubt that the Dayton police are going to be very vigilant in finding the perps. I’d like to be proven wrong. And with the economy tanking there will be more and more angry people looking for scapegoats. And the rethugs will be more than happy to oblige and point to "evil brown people" or any other "other" that they choose. Because looking inside yourself to work on your own issues is much harder than beating up on someone else.

So who else got the DVD and has figured out what to do with it? We’ve already complained to the Inquirer, a fat lot of good that will do.

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