Activist Michael Petrelis has a great report on the fundie Folsom Street Fair protest (it’s hard to call something this feeble a protest), outside of San Francisco City Hall on Friday. He has lots of great shots of the event, including The Peter (Michael to him: “You’re sweating like a pig.”). A snippet of the fun:

Before LaBarbera began his event I engaged him in small talk, shook his hand, and he asked how I was doing. We’ve dealt with each other before and we have a small rapport. After exchanging pleasantries, I held up a sign showing Ayaz Marhoni and Mahmoud Asgari, two gay teens hanged in Iran in 2005, moments before they were executed, with these words next to the image: “STOP the executions of gays in Iran, Iraq & Saudi Arabia.”

…He blathered on about how the Folsom Street Fair is alleged harmful to good morality, called for shuttering sex clubs, ending public nudity at the fair and called on Rep. Nancy Pelosi to denounce the fair. I stood next to him or his associates holding my sign during the entire press conference. Other gays loudly challenged LaBarbera and his pals to embrace tolerance and acceptance of gay people and gay marriage.

One of the pix shows Michael standing in behind The Peter, ruining the AFTAH head’s photo op, which included a huge blow-up of the homo-obsessed LaBarbara’s letter of complaint to Gavin Newsom, as well as a sign that said “Stop Public Nudity and Street Orgies.” Surf over for the rest.

Read some of The Peter’s take, “San Francisco ‘Gaystapo’ Tries to Shout Down Pro-Family Press Conference,” below the fold.As usual, it’s drama queenarama:

Homosexual militants defend public sex, nudity on city streets; say children (with parents) should be allowed to attend X-rated Folsom Street Fair.

…The homosexual crowd was agitated to the point of distraction at our three small “Vote YES on Prop 8? signs in support of California’s proposed constitutional amendment defining marriage as what it is: between one man and one woman. I don’t get it: were they thinking we would not voice support for the campaign to preserve historic marriage in California, or was it just that we expressed our pro-marriage sentiments at an event not designed specifically to defend Prop 8? As I explained to one strident opponent, yes, we still believe that there is a Homosexual Agenda, and yes, we believe that both the radical Folsom Street Fair and the revolutionary “gay” redefinition of marriage are part of that agenda.

Anyway, homo-fascism is alive and well in San Francisco, and “tolerance gone wild” is the norm, at least for the decidedly intolerant homosexual militants who gathered in front of our press conference to yell at us about our supposed intolerance. We’ll soon have more photos and another firsthand report from Linda Harvey, and next week a story on the dreadful Folsom event.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding