Here’s a fun one for you. As you know, when candidates prep for a debate, usually they have a member of their own party stand in for the opposition, and that person tries to approximate the demeanor of the opponent to make it a realistic practice. It was reported that former Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael Steele played Obama opposite McCain. Obama had Washington lawyer and former Clinton Greg Craig play McCain.

Finding a Biden for Palin to play against was apparently difficult, but they found someone to stand in for Palin:

Democratic vice-presidential nominee Joe Biden is preparing for the debate with his Republican rival, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, by practicing against another female governor, Jennifer Granholm of Michigan. The campaign selected Gov. Granholm, who like Gov. Palin is also a sports mom and former beauty-pageant winner, to make sure Sen. Biden doesn’t comes across as sexist or superior. The McCain campaign is having some trouble finding the right person for Gov. Palin’s practice sessions. Sen. Joe Lieberman was considered, but dropped for being insufficiently fiery and loquacious to do a good Biden impression.

Who would you have picked to be the stand-in for the vapid Sarah Palin? (and Tina Fey is too easy).

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding