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Biden Kicks McCain While He Lies On The Canvas — Where Was Pitbull Palin?

The polls and the CW are coalescing around a solid win for Obama last night. But one thing that shouldn’t go overlooked is that after Obama’s steady performance, Biden was all over the talking heads shows after the debate, stomping on McSame’s head.

I especially like this clip because he specifically mocks McSame’s lame claim that Obama didn’t know the difference between strategy and tactics.

And this begs the question — where the hell was Palin?

The total mismatch between the veeps continues to drag the McSame campaign down. Biden was able to get his tasty shots in while the pie was still cooling, while Palin was sequestered somewhere as far away from a TV camera as physically possible.

If the McSame campaign doesn’t even trust Palin to spin for the top of the ticket after a debate — about as easy an assignment imaginable — what does that say about what they think of her?

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