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Liveblogging The Most Important Debate EVAR!!1!

I kept hearing about McCain and CGI this week, so I thought that was going to be his solution for the debate.  I mean, not only would it allow him to simultaneously debate Obama and blow up Congress’s negotiations, but the CGI McCain would also look much more healthy and lifelike.  Obviously, that didn’t happen, which is too bad for him.  But hey, at least the backdrop isn’t green…

So far, John McCain has shed crocodile tears for Teddy Kennedy to preface his bipartisan posturing, has prattled on about the importance of responsibility as the reason why the chief of the SEC and no-one else should resign, and is wearing a bizarre red-and-white-striped diagonal tie that makes me want to call him John McCandycain.  Maybe he’s trying to make some kind of subliminal point about Christmas-tree bills?

Oh, and John McCain’s pen is old, but not too old to make earmarkers famous.  So I guess that means his pen chose Sarah Palin as his running mate – which would explain a lot, actually.

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