obamamccain.jpgAfter the 2004 debates in which Kerry earned a 3-0 sweep against Bush and still lost the election, I’m reluctant to put too much stock in the Obama-McSame series. 

Still, I can’t resist watching along with my FDL homeboy Eli (who will also be liveblogging tonight) — especially in light of McPalin’s epic fail this week.

McSame’s bizarre behavior coupled with Palin’s monumental media meltdowns have made this a must-win for the Crazy Old Man Maverick. Given the fact that he knows he’s down, you kind of get the feeling he’ll go after Obama the same way he went after Willard.

Watertiger suggested that we drink every time McSame says, "my friends" — but I strongly advise against it.

It’s on. Join us in comments for your thoughts.

Blue Texan

Blue Texan