Twice a bridesmaid in the course of four months.

Greetings from St. George Utah, or as we call it: Mayberry LDS. Oh sure, we could have stayed in Las Vegas but we didn’t feel that we were dressed slutty/greasy enough so we drove up here to stay within the bosom of the real normal American culture, which is to say, with "white people".

Since I was out of the loop today, I just noticed that former prisoner of war John McCain is going to make it to the debate tonight which must mean that the economy has been saved! Yay, former prisoner of war John McCain! And this is good news for John McCain because, as Rich Lowry who has been in a coma for the past week, points out:

If This Campaign… [Rich Lowry] …plays to type, McCain will hit an absolute home run tonight and the narrative will shift yet again.

Back on the Palin beat, Rick The Lesser Moran stands up for the spunky little snowbilly:

Forget that Palin is no more or less qualified for high office than Barack Obama (in some important ways, more qualified). Neither of them is inherently unqualified to serve. That’s because there are no qualifications except that the candidate be a native born American citizen and at least 35 years old. The Founders left the qualifications list extremely vague for a very good reason; they hoped and expected ordinary Americans to have a chance at the top job. Granted we live in a complex world with huge problems. But presidents are not economic or foreign policy experts. Or military, trade, or education experts. At bottom, the greatest assets any president have are their innate common sense and their ability to communicate with the people.


Gomer chimes in once more to point the importance of John McCain at the top of the ticket:

So What if He Dies?

The "last time" a sitting President died being McKinley with Teddy Roosevelt taking over for those who refuse to recognize any Democratic Presidential victories. Oh, and the South didn’t lose the War of Northern Aggression; it was a tie!

Lastly, on the drive to Utah this morning it occurred to me that every time Mitt Romney sees a clip of Sarah Palin answering a question, a little bit of something inside of Mitt dies.

This is one of those situations that is both funny and sad. Mostly funny, though…



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