Greetings from Phoenix Arizona, or as we call it: Hell With A Starbucks. It was about 700 degrees here today and I saw a woman get out of her car, set her toy poodle on the blacktop and the dog immediately burst into flames. No wonder John McCain wants so desperately to win the election so that he die in the White House.

As you might have noticed I don’t have any of my usual random 10 graphics with me but, seeing as we’re in hell, I thought this one was appropriate.

Please Jeebus, let the music not be so hellish:

Misty Mountain  Hop – Led Zeppelin

Speed of Sound – Chris Bell

Sweet Revenge – John Prine

Free Love – Long Beach Dub Allstars

Head On -Jesus and Mary Chain

Red Clay Halo– Gillian WElch

Don’t Wanna Behave – The Dance Hall Crashers

Amateur- Aimee Mann

Not A Lot To Do – The Zutons

She’s My Pusher – THe Crystal Method

…and number eleven: Miss Teen Wordpower – The New Pornographers, which, as you might suspect was written before anyone had ever seen Miss Teen South Carolina.

I wanna go home.



Yeah. Like I would tell you....