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Palin: Do as I say, not as I do

Oh Sarah…such hypocrisy…

Sarah Palin felt so strongly about the public corruption indictment of a Republican state senator this summer that she urged him to resign – but not strongly enough to return the $1,000 he gave to help elect her governor.

The donation from John Cowdery was one of three from Alaska legislators who contributed to Palin's 2006 campaign weeks after the FBI raided their offices. The sprawling public corruption scandal that followed became a rallying point for candidate Palin, who was swept into office after promising voters she would rid Alaska's capital of dirty politics.

One of the three donors is in prison, another is awaiting trial and Cowdery was indicted in July on two federal bribery counts. Palin, now GOP presidential nominee John McCain's running mate, has not returned any of their donations, according to campaign finance disclosures reviewed Thursday.

I guess it is ok to stand up and say you fought corruption in your own party, but not to return campaign donations from those same corrupt entities.  Kinda like saying no to the bridge to nowhere but keeping the money for it.

Oh, and she still isn't saying  whether she supports Ted Stevens, who is currently attending his trial over unreported “gifts” including over $250K of work done on his house by VECO Corp.

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