Senator McCain, who was not in Washington fixing the economy last night, is not in Washington fixing the economy again this morning. He’s introducing this morning’s session on energy issues right now at the Clinton Global Initiative Summit here in midtown Manhattan (which he seems to prefer to DC these days). Sarah and Todd are in the audience with Cindy. 

Gloriosky, he’s grinning like he’s on the Tonight Show. He hearts President Clinton, apparently. He doesn’t heart poverty, global warming and epidemic diseases, although he’s apparently satisfied to let private initiatives address them*

 The political process is not an end in itself, and it is not here to serve those of us who are in the midst of it. We Senators need to rise above. Particularly the ones who are getting federal campaign funds who don’t have to fundraise.*

If we don’t act, credit will dry up, no-one will be able to buy homes, businesses will not be able to pay salaries and the taxpayer will end up paying for it. He’s an old navy pilot, had you heard? All hands on deck. That’s the situation in Washington. Where he isn’t., Because he’s here. Making a political speech*. Although, he says, he suspended this morning. And not yesterday afternoon* The important debate is in the capital. Where he isn’t.* We should be bipartisan, just like after 9/11. You know, when the Democrats got rolled.*

There’s no consensus on the crisis. He doesn’t like the current plan. He wants fundamental improvements – a bipartisan oversight board. He loves oversight. He thinks one person shouldn’t have all that power without oversight. Despite having voted with Bush a really lot of times.* The taxpayer should get their money back, although he didn’t say how. Transparency. Stuff should be on the internets. Lobbyists suck, and trying to get something for taxpayers out of this amounts to earmarks and is worse than the "Wall Street crowd" that got us here in the first place. Also, no bonuses, because Wall Street is bad. 

We should be bipartisan, just like after 9/11. You know, when the Democrats got rolled.*

OK, now he’s talking about energy. Gas prices? Up. So you know. And that brings us back to the Clinton Global Initiative. Which somehow leads us to taxi drivers. And uncertain oil supply. And you know what would help with that? Drawing on both parties for the common good. But we know know that global warming comes from fossil fuel use (no shot of Palin here). We need to go renewable. We need "clean" coal (Gore, who suggested civil disobedience to stop new coal plants yesterday, has to be having an aneurysm right now). We need to spend money on renewable fuel for the next generation. He sounds as if he thinks we’re going to have the money. 

There is no obstacle America can’t overcome.

Too many societies overseas are poor and violent, and we can’t guarantee our security by military means alone. We have a strategic interest in fighting poverty and disease. We’re a really generous country and we can fight disease in the developing world, which is strategic and moral. He’s really sorry he didn’t think of it before.* Also, the federal government is already doing it. FYI.

If he’s elected, he’s going to eliminate malaria, and work on maternal and child health, as long as it doesn’t mean health care or a living wage*

We should be at the forefront of a green revolution in Africa, like we were in China. With that Kyoto thing, presumably.*

This is now explicitly a political speech. He’s going to open our borders to trade and end subsidies to "special interests." He hearts Bill. Bye.

 If you want to watch,  it’s the opening plenary session here. Tom Brokaw is interviewing, among others, Gavin Newsom and T. Boone Pickens (Brokaw calls him "Boone") about energy, food and water.

 *except maybe that last bit

Update: Clinton just hit back at McCain’s suggestion that Obama was politicizing the situation. He said Obama came to visit him in Harlem on Sept. 11th, but wouldn’t turn it into a campaign event because he wouldn’t politicize the day. Bill wants to thank him for the way he’s handled the current crisis, and the way he’s running for president (looking for systemic fixes and long-term solutions).

Obama’s speaking by satellite. He too hearts Bill. The CGI is a model for personal responsiblity in addressing global challenges. 

Good lord, he”s actually talking about CGI. 

OK, we’re on the economy now. We have a crisis as serious as any since the great depression. It’s outrageous that taxpayers should have to shoulder the burden of greed and irresponsibility on Wall Street and in DC. We need an independent oversight board on spending the money. We need to be equity partners in return for the bail out. We won’t bail out Wall Street without helping homeowners. We shouldn’t give anyone a bonus. He’s pleased that Senator McCain has adopted his principles. He’s going to DC later to try to help out. Then he’s going to Oxford to get ready for the debate. The election is in 40 days, and the public deserves to hear from both Obama and McCain what they plan to do.

Our addiction to fossil fuels is "a security threat, and an economic albatross"

Goal: 70% reduction in greenhouse gasses by 2015, $50 billion in renewable energy research over ten years. He wants to develop solar, wind and bio, as well as technologies to make clean coal and safe nuclear possible. Wants a new global energy forum to agree on a new protocol for carbon.  

Global poverty is a security threat, because it breeds terror. We have to address corruption in the developing world, and get children an education. "Nothing more dangerous than a child who is taught to distrust and destroy." Every boy and every girl needs to get an education. He’s going to put money into it. He’s going to get behind Hillary’s bill on the subject. 

Preventable illnesses can condemn a society to lack of education and poverty. He’s particularly interested in malaria – one child dies every sixty seconds in Africa "from a mosquito bite," which, he says, he’s seen in his father’s village in Kenya. He wants to start with bed nets and  training doctors, who will be encouraged to stay in developing countries. Also research.

"The landscape of the twenty-first century is still ours to shape"

 "Our destinies are shared, but our destinies will be written by us, not for us"



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