In the midst of a Georgetown Voice piece about the decline and probable fall of Washington City Paper, there’s this:

Eason is not the only one who sees [Editor Erik] Wemple as the key to saving the City Paper’s culture. Mike DeBonis, the paper’s “Loose Lips” columnist and, said that he does not have faith in Creative Loafing but will not be truly worried about the paper as long as Wemple remains (full disclosure: DeBonis is a former Voice editor). Richard Karpel, the executive director of the Association of Alternative Newsweeklies, also said the paper will be fine as long as Creative Loafing leaves Wemple, who has been the City Paper’s top editor since January 2002, to run the paper as he sees fit.

“He sets the culture there,” Karpel said.

Wemple’s no-bullshit manner, his passion for local issues, and his extensive journalism knowledge have made him a fixture at the City Paper as well as a sought-after editor outside D.C.

Sought after, sure, fine. But Erik Wemple is pure bullshit. Lest we forget, a puerile personal vendetta led Wemple to publish an interminable and oddly substance-free character assassination of an exponentially superior journalist, my friend Murray Waas.

Then there’s this oddity:

But [Wemple’s] office decor gives the newspaper man away: a stack of yellowing City Papers sat next to the door and copies of the day’s newspapers, from the New York Times to the Washington Independent, lay scattered across his desk.

Given that we don’t publish a print edition, that’s kind of weird

Spencer Ackerman

Spencer Ackerman