As noted previously I’m hitting the road for the next few days with stops in glorious Phoenix, Las Vegas, and St George UT which is so boring it makes Phoenix look like Las Vegas. Originally I had planned on not taking the laptop along and taking a break from blogging but:

  • It’s a hundred degrees everywhere I’m going and what else am I going to do.
  • There would be no basset blogging.
  • That might cause a revolt.
  • Sarah Palin might actually speak off the cuff and wouldn’t that be thrilling! Garbo speaks!

So I’ll be back later. Here’s a dog to hold you til then.


One last thing- condolences to John Cole on the passing of Russell. Loved these lines:

When we got Russell, he was wild. He was the closest thing to feral that you can get with a domesticated breed of dog, but we have learned that Jack Russell terriers are only energetic for the first 14-15 years.



Yeah. Like I would tell you....