It was an honor to meet Blue America candidate Darcy Burner last night, seen here in this blurry iPhone pic.

Darcy was touched to hear that FDL folks wanted to know how she was after her house was destroyed by fire and said netroots support is what helped her keep going. She lost all her possessions, had to put the campaign on hold for several days to buy clothes and basic provisions.

Her speech, amazingly enough without either note cards or Lieberman tapping on her shoulder to give corrections, covered the gamut from the current financial crisis to Iraq to global warming.

When asked her opinion of Palin, she spoke of her own medically dangerous pregnancy, with gratitude that the choice to continue on and bear her son was a decision that was hers without government interference. She noted that she "couldn’t be more different from Sarah Palin" in honoring a woman’s right to choose in such difficult and personal matters.

Darcy spoke on the restoring some kind of sanity to the Department of Justice, a matter close to the heart of folks in Washington State since fired U.S. Attorney John McKay grew up and served there. She affirmed that DoJ needs to be a neutral, independent referee and not a branch of the Republican Party.

The audience included a lifelong Republican who said he recently registered as a Democrat because his party had gone off the deep end, clearly a painful decision for him. I often speak theoretically about welcoming such folks with a blanket and hot cocoa. These are hurting people who are acting with courage to try something new, because the old way isn’t working any more.

People show courage in a variety of ways. I hope all of us will rise to the occasion on November 4.