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Dan Gets The Okay To Swing Away

It’s been a little over a year, but it looks like Dan Rather’s lawsuit is a go:

A New York City judge says news anchor Dan Rather can proceed with his $70 million lawsuit accusing CBS of violating its contract with him when the network fired him.


Judicial Hearing Officer Ira Gammerman dismissed a fraud complaint against CBS Corp. on Monday and a business interference complaint against CBS and former parent company Viacom Inc. No causes of action remain in the lawsuit against Viacom.

Dan Rather’s initial complaint was… provocative, to say the least.  I may be a complete legal ignoramus, but I’m really looking forward to hearing more details about how CBS, in the person of News President Andy Heyward, first set Rather up for failure, then made it impossible for him to defend himself against the character assassins of the right. From a broader perspective, I’m hoping that it exposes the inappropriate influence that conservative corporate ownership exerts on its media subsidiaries.

Even if Rather doesn’t win, I expect the trial to be very damaging to CBS and the myth of liberal media bias. Which would not be such a bad thing.

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