A lot of them have serious buyers’ remorse.

Connecticut Democrats are considering whether to ask Sen. Joe Lieberman to leave the party for speaking at the Republicans’ convention and backing GOP presidential nominee John McCain.

The party scheduled a debate Wednesday night on a resolution that would censure Lieberman and ask the veteran politician to resign from the Democratic Party.

One of several Democrats pushing for the resolution, 30-year party veteran Audrey Blondin, said Lieberman’s very public support of McCain over Democratic nominee Barack Obama is hurting the state party.

“If you have someone who says they’re a Democrat, who is registered as a Democrat and is a national figure supporting a candidate who is opposed to all the ideals and beliefs and positions that we hold as Democrats, he’s diluting – in my opinion – the meaning of our party,” she said.

Lieberman’s staff did not respond to a call from The Associated Press seeking comment Wednesday, but he said on a radio show that the move toward censure surprised him. “Honestly, I thought that was the kind of thing that happened only in the former Soviet Union,” Lieberman told WICH-AM.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding