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Spielberg, Capshaw Match Pitt Same-Sex Marriage $$$

shell_pink_rolled_fondant_wedding_cake_with_strawberry_buttercream_.thumbnail.jpgHuge Industry Giant and all-around liberal guy  Steven Spielberg and his wife the equally right-on actress Kate Capshaw have matched Brad Pitt’s $100,000 donation to defeat  California’s Proposition 8, the referendum seeking to outlaw same-sex marriage  on the ballot for the November 4 elections. The No on Prop 8 ads TV launched today (see above) In a statement quoted by Daily Variety Spielberg and Capshaw said:

By writing discrimination into our state constitution, Proposition 8 seeks to eliminate the right of each and every citizen in our state to marry regardless of sexual orientation. Such discrimination has no place in California’s constitution, or any other.

Ellen….? Elton….? Where are you?  Have you donated anonymously?

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Lisa Derrick

Lisa Derrick

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