Does Focus On The Family hate military Veterans?

Well, maybe they like most veterans, but they consider employment discrimination against the transgender ones to be desirable. They’re pretty much on record now as saying as much.

They posted on how they don’t approve of the recent federal court ruling where a judge stated that the Library Of Congress violated Title VII. They posted an article where their Focus on the Family Action judicial analyst — his name’s Bruce Hausknecht — commented on the case. He said that the decision was an “absurd ruling” — a ruling he hopes will be overturned. His quote from the article:

“Judge James Robinson, a Clinton appointee, traded in his judge’s robe for a legislator’s pen in order to achieve something contrary to the law and previous federal court decisions…He effectively amended the federal employment laws to grant protected status to persons suffering from gender-identity disorder, thereby equating it with race, sex or religion.”

What? Hausknecht and Focus On The Family didn’t even thank Col. Diane Schroer (Ret.) for her service to her country as a special forces veteran, or for the services she was going to provide to the Library Of Congress in the future as a terrorism expert? Of course not.

Nor does Hausknecht and the Focus On The Family folk seem interested at all in winning the alleged “war on terror.” If this is about the “war on terror,” I would think that whether or not Col. Schroer — as a special forces terrorism expert — was qualified, and the best person for the job she applied for.

So, correct me if I’m wrong: We have a person who was literally the best qualified person for an anti-terrorism job, and we didn’t hire this person because she was a transsexual. It seems then that the government’s view the war on terrorism then is must not be a very serious thing, or that bias and prejudice are more important to the government than actually winning that war on terrorism.

And, it appears that Focus On The Family believes that government’s engagement in bias and prejudice against transsexuals is a good enough reason to “lose” the “war on terror.” Nice.


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Autumn Sandeen

Autumn Sandeen