dick-lipstick.thumbnail.jpgAndrew Halcro, the former Alaska state legislator who campaigned against Sarah Palin as an independent candidate for governor in 2006, has a blog post up about Sarah and Todd Palin’s habit of bullying the press for unfavorable coverage:

During the 2006 gubernatorial campaign, candidate Sarah Palin was interviewed by Jodi Sykes of KDLG radio in Dillingham. There were some hard but appropriate questions asked of a candidate that many considered unqualified to be governor.

After the interview aired, Todd Palin called Jodi and proceeded to curse her out. Later, Todd’s mother, Blanche Kallstrom, called the manager of KDGL, Rob Carpenter, and insisted he fire Jodi which he refused.  In response, Blanche and her husband withdrew their support for the radio station by pulling their adverstising as they  own Ace hardware in Dillingham. 

Two years later now as governor, Palin’s tactics about manipulating and bullying the media haven’t changed. In fact they’ve gotten worse.

Halcro also mentions a reporter who was angling for a job in the Palin administration while he was still covering the governor for KTUU TV.  

Imagine what a Vice President Palin could do to reporters who published nasty stories about her. No CIA agent’s identity would ever be safe! 

[HT: Bob Weinstein of Ketchikan]

Lindsay Beyerstein

Lindsay Beyerstein