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Kissinger’s “Lessons” for Palin: Lobbying in Disguise?

kissinger.thumbnail.jpgAlleged war criminal Henry Kissinger will give VP candidate Sarah Palin a crash course in foreign policy this week in New York:

But it is likely that Mr. Kissinger, a close outside adviser to Mr. McCain’s campaign, will give Ms. Palin a broad overview of international affairs, focusing particularly on Russia, China and the Middle East. Mr. Kissinger, who was national security adviser and secretary of state in the Nixon and Ford administrations, is regularly called on by Mr. McCain for advice on foreign affairs.

But Mr. Kissinger differs with Mr. McCain on some key aspects of foreign policy, including his support for direct American negotiations with Iran without conditions. [NYT]

The McCain campaign won’t say what Kissinger and Palin will talk about. The campaign’s lack of candor is cause for concern. Over and above his history as a unindicted war criminal, Kissinger has potential conflicts of interests that should make us wonder what he’s writing on Palin’s blank slate. 

Kissinger is the chairman of the international strategic consulting firm, Kissinger Associates, Inc. His clients are select multinational corporations. Current and former KAI clients include American International Group, Coca Cola, and JP Morgan Chase. Kissinger also chairs the internal advisory board of AIG, the insurance giant that received an $85 billion bailout from the US taxpayers last week.

We know that Palin is scheduled to talk to president Uribe of Colombia about trade issues this week in New York. Kissinger and Associates belongs to the Council of the Americas, a powerful corporate coalition that advocates for free trade in the Americas.

We have a right to know what Kissinger is telling Palin in his "broad overview" of foreign policy issues. 

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Lindsay Beyerstein

Lindsay Beyerstein