Bono to Meet with McCain, Palin Included at GOP Request

220px-bono_wef_2008.thumbnail.jpgThis week during the UN summit Bono will meet with John McCain to discuss global poverty issues. Members of McCain’s foreign policy staff and Gov. Palin will be included at the request of McCain’s campaign. She’ll probably be sporting the ONE wrist band she received at a campaign stop last Thursday. Biden has had several of the ONE wristbands for a while and admits,  “I already have so many ONE bands. I need to start wearing one regularly!” 

ONE is also in discussions with the Obama campaign about a possible meeting between Bono and Senator Obama early next month. Bono has met previously with both Senator Obama and Senator McCain as part of his work as an activist.

McCain is not a sponsor of the Global Poverty Act, but he hasn’t opposed it, either.  Barack Obama’s Global Poverty Act lays the groundwork for a U.N. tax through legislation to mandate federal compliance with the U.N. Millennium Development Goals. GOP opposition to a U.N. tax may be an indirect reference to the Global Poverty Act.

Noting that only two questions about global poverty have ever  been asked in the history of modern presidential debates, ONE is currently urging people to sign a petition to debate moderator Jim Lehrer urging him to ask "Just ONE Question" on global poverty at the first presidential debate, September 26th,  stating that "voters need to know what Barack Obama and John McCain will do to end the most extreme suffering in our increasingly interconnected world."

People starving to death should not be a partisan issue. 

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