Reading Glenn Greenwald this afternoon, a commenter’s remark struck me…

No need for pitchforks in the streets. Just encourage the masses of THE PEOPLE to cast their vote on the new unofficial election day, April 15th. That should do it. Good night and good luck Glenn.

Think about that for a moment… even the dullest, non-voting American could be convinced to walk into their payroll department before September 30th this year and "Turn Off" their tax contribution for a month or two… is the IRS going to prosecute every single American who participates in this act of Civil Disobendience for not paying their taxes? Good luck with that.

Seriously, why wait until next April? I think that if it were done say next month, Congress might quickly get the message when no money arrived in the US Treasury between say October 1 and 30 that something is amiss out here in the land of purple mountains majesty and amber waves of grain. Also using September 30th has a special significance to the Federal Government… it’s the end of the current government fiscal year, so imagine starting Fiscal 09 with no income. Think that might get the attention of Nancy, Harry, John Boehner and Glorious Beloved Leader?

The Constitution and Declaration of Independence give us each the power to change the country by empowering each of us with the right and responsibility of voting. It seems that the votes of the corporatists, fat-cats, cronies, lobbyists and every other sunshine-avoiding creature inside I-495 in DC is worth more than our collective votes no matter our party because they are backed with hard, cold folding money. I would have to think that every worker who keeps that money in October could, in these days of economic stress could use a months worth of taxes to help their family for the month, rather than sending it off to be mis-spent by our worthless leaders. More than a month of "withholding the withholding" might be harmful, one month would certainly be an attention-getter.

A complete financial withholding of every single dime for a month might actually convince the Beltway Gang, the Villagers and the rest of the wrecking crew inside DC that something needs to be fixed in accordance with the wishes of the people funding the circus, not the ringmasters.

Jo Fish

Jo Fish

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