Reform School Girl Talk


Sarah Palin’s Magical Mad-Lib Tour took her to Florida today where 60,000 people younger than former POW John McCain turned out to see her since actual Palin sightings are rarer than running into J.D. Salinger at Taco Bell.

Before giving yet another highly-scripted talking point recitation, Palin took her snowbilly family out for a special treat:

Palin, her husband and three of their children arrived in Orlando but spent a family day at Disney World, she said as she introduced her entourage to the enthusiastic crowd.

Please note that the thirteen and a half-minutes spent in the It’s A Small World ride doubled her international experience meaning that we can all rest easy about that little gap in her resume. Oh,  and that smartypants passport flaunting Joe Biden can  suck on it, boo-yah! High five!

I can see Russians from my boat!

Unfortunately after sharing vacation photos Palin felt compelled to talk policy which, along with the telling the truth, is not one of her strong points:

In a theme Palin would pound home, GOP Chairman Jim Greer Greer said Obama and his running mate, Delaware Sen. Joe Biden, have records of voting for higher taxes and have said on the campaign trail that they would increase regulation of financial markets.

"John MCain and I are going to take our case for reform to every voter in every background and every party, or no party at all," said Palin. "We’re going to Washington to shake things up."

She said "John McCain warned Congress that we needed to do something before these problems became a crisis," but that Washington — including Obama and Biden — did not act for months as financial giants teetered and toppled.

"Americans are caught in kind of a perfect storm between high taxes, high gas prices, greed on Wall Street and a shortage of courage in Washington," she said. "But we need new leadership in Washington — we need serious reform on Wall Street."

Because "reform" of Wall Street is good and increasing "regulation of financial markets" is bad. Or different. Or something.

I dunno. Maybe she going to switch from being a Naughty Librarian to being a Naughty Reform School Matron and toss those bad boys on Wall Street over her lap and give them  a good spanking.

Usually that costs those guys about $200 downtown so they’ll probably appreciate the freebie now that times are tough…

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