Ohhhhh does it feel good to be home. Petty as it is to complain about air travel woes, Delta and I have fallen out of love. First the fucking plane spends an hour on the runway at JFK — an hour I desperately needed in order to make my connection to National — then Delta nearly loses my bags, then Delta makes me run the length of JFK to make my connection, as I did with something like two minutes to spare, then Delta delivers to me… one bag and one bag only in DC. As it happened, that bag contained a friend’s birthday present, and so said friend’s birthday was clearly ruined. It’s on you, Delta.

Few things, primarily music-related. One: Give the guestbloggers a round of applause, please.

 Two: Attackerlady and I were discussing this — did Chisel rip off Sloan or did Sloan rip off Chisel? The chronology confuses me. Granted, Chisel is more mod and Sloan more power-pop, but I’m suspicious. Anyone know the answer?

Three: I have a 401k I never transferred over from The New Republic LLC and some money in a Roth IRA (I think) that I got when my grandmother passed away. Meanwhile, I left for Afghanistan and returned to the near-total collapse of the financial sector. The birthday girl remarked that we’d be better off returning to a barter system, given the nationalization of something like $700 billion worth of this shit. Is my money OK or am I, like, broke? (My ignorance underscores why men aren’t smart enough to deal with things like finance.)

Four: Ever seen Metalocalypse? Holy crap is it great. I will end this post with William Murderface’s composition "Changes (Titty Fish)."

Spencer Ackerman

Spencer Ackerman