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A ten minute response that was needed.

  I do have friends that are one the right and some know not to try to convert me.  There are many times I will avoid political talk as it has turned into heated arguments, especially when beers and booze is involved.

 But the other day I received this piece of Shit from a friend of mine whose husband is a republican and she is a democrat,

 Letter below the fold, Here it is,

Subject: Well Written Letter

Now here’s one that isn’t nasty, isn’t putting anyone down, just an

opinion of a retired Marine. Unlike some emails we’re getting, it

just gives this man’s opinions and why he feels that way.

My name is Dan Frost. I live in Kokomo, Indiana. I’m 45 years old, a

Christian, a husband, a father, a veteran, and a homeowner. I don’t

consider myself to be either conservative or liberal, and I vote for

the person, not Republican or Democrat. I don’t believe there are ‘two

Americas ‘ — but that every person in this country can be whomever

and whatever they want to be if they’ll just work to get there – and

nowhere else on earth can they find such opportunities. I believe our

government should help those who are legitimately downtrodden, and

should always put the interests of America first.

The purpose of this message is that I’m concerned about the future of

this great nation. I’m worried that the silent majority of honest,

hard-working, tax-paying people in this country have been passive for

too long. Most folks I know choose not to involve themselves in

politics.. They go about their daily lives, paying their bills,

raising their kids, and doing what they can to maintain the good

life. They vote and consider doing so to be a sacred trust. They shake

their heads at the political pundits and so-called ‘news’, thinking

that what they hear is always spun by whomever is reporting it.

They can’t understand how elected officials can regularly violate the

public trust with pork barrel spending. They don’t want government

handouts. They want the government to protect them, not raise their

taxes for more government programs.

We are in the unique position in this country of electing our

leaders. It’s a privilege to do so. I’ve never found a candidate in

any election with whom I agreed on everything. I’ll wager that most of

us don’t even agree with our families or spouses 100% of the time. So

when I step into that voting booth, I always try to look at the big

picture and cast my vote for the man or woman who is best qualified

for the job. I’ve hired a lot of people in my lifetime, and

essentially that’s what an election is — a hiring process.. Who has

the credentials? Whom do I want working for me? Whom can I trust to do

the job right?

I’m concerned that a growing number of voters in this country simply

don’t get it. They are caught up in a fervor they can’t explain, and

calling it ‘change’.

Change what?, I ask.

Well, we’re going to change America, they say.

In what way?, I query.

We want someone new and fresh in the White House, they exclaim.

So, someone who’s not a politician?, I press.

Uh, well, no, we just want a lot of stuff changed, so we’re voting

for Obama, they state.

So the current system, the system of freedom and democracy that has

enabled a man to grow up in this great country, get a fine education,

raise incredible amounts of money and dominate the news and win his

party’s nomination for the White House — that system’s all wrong?

No, no, that part of the system’s okay – we just need a lot of change.

And so it goes. ‘Change we can believe in.’ Quite frankly, I don’t

believe that vague proclamations of change hold any promise for me.

In recent months, I’ve been asking virtually everyone I encounter how

they’re voting. I live in Illinois, so most folks tell me they’re

voting for Barack Obama. But no one can really tell me why — only

that he’s going to change a lot of stuff.

Change, change, change. I have yet to find one single person who can

tell me distinctly and convincingly why this man is qualified to be

President and Commander-in-Chief of the most powerful nation on

earth-other than the fact that he claims he’s going to implement a lot

of change..

We’ve all seen the emails about Obama’s genealogy, his upbringing,

his Muslim background, and his church affiliations. Let’s ignore this

for a moment. Put it all aside. Then ask yourself, what qualifies this

man to be my president? That he’s a brilliant orator and talks about



Friends, I’ll be forthright with you — I believe the American voters

who are supporting Barack Obama don’t have a clue what they’re doing,

as evidenced by the fact that not one of them — NOT ONE of them I’ve

spoken to can spell out his qualifications. Not even the most liberal

media can explain why he should be elected. Political experience?

Negligible. Foreign relations? Non-existent. Achievements? Name one.

Someone who wants to unite the country? If you haven’t read his wife’s

thesis from Princeton, look it up on the web. This is who’s lining up

to be our next First Lady? The only thing I can glean from Obama’s

constant harping about change is that we’re in for a lot of new taxes.

For me, the choice is clear. I’ve looked carefully at the two leading

applicants for the job, and I’ve made my choice.

Here’s a question – where were you five and a half years ago? Around

Christmas, 2002. You’ve had five or six birthdays in that time. My

son has grown from a forth grade child to a high school freshman. Five

and a half years is a good chunk of time. About 2,000 days. 2,000

nights of sleep.. 6,000 meals, give or take.

John McCain spent that amount of time, from 1967 to 1973, in a North

Vietnamese prisoner-of-war camp.

When offered early release, he refused it. He considered this offer

to be a public relations stunt by his captors, and insisted that those

held longer than he should be released first. Did you get that part?

He was offered his freedom, and he turned it down. A regimen of

beatings and torture began.

Do you possess such strength of character? Locked in a filthy cell in

a foreign country, would you turn down your own freedom in favor of

your fellow man? I submit that’s a quality of character that is rarely

found, and for me, this singular act defines John McCain.

Unlike several presidential candidates in recent years whose military

service is questionable or non-existent, you will not find anyone to

denigrate the integrity and moral courage of this man. A graduate of

Annapolis, during his Naval service he received the Silver Star,

Bronze Star, Purple Heart and Distinguished Flying Cross. His own son

is now serving in the Marine Corps in Iraq. Barack Obama is fond of

saying ‘We honor John McCain’s service…BUT…’, which to me is

condescending and offensive — because what I hear is, ‘Let’s forget

this man’s sacrifice for his country and his proven leadership

abilities, and talk some more about change.’

I don’t agree with John McCain on everything — but I am utterly

convinced that he is qualified to be our next President, and I trust

him to do what’s right. I know in my heart that he has the best

interests of our country in mind. He doesn’t simply want to be

President — he wants to lead America, and there’s a huge difference.

Factually, there is simply no comparison between the two candidates.

A man of questionable background and motives who prattles on about

change can’t hold a candle to a man who has devoted his life in public

service to this nation, retiring from the Navy in 1981 and elected to

the Senate in 1982.

Perhaps Obama’s supporters are taking a stance between old and new.

Maybe they don’t care about McCain’s service or his strength of

character, or his unblemished qualifications to be President. Maybe

‘likeability’ is a higher priority for them than trust’. Being a

prisoner of war is not what qualifies John McCain to be President of

the United States of America — but his demonstrated leadership

certainly DOES.

Dear friends, it is time for us to stand. It is time for thinking

Americans to say, ‘Enough..’ It is time for people of all parties to

stop following the party line. It is time for anyone who wants to

keep America first, who wants the right man leading their nation, to

start a dialogue with all their friends and neighbors and ask who

they’re voting for, and why.

There’s a lot of evil in this world. That should be readily apparent

to all of us by now. And when faced with that evil as we are now, I

want a man who knows the cost of war on his troops and on his

citizens. I want a man who puts my family’s interests before any

foreign country.

I want a President who’s qualified to lead.

I want my country back, and I’m voting for John McCain.

Semper Fi, Daniel L. Frost Jr. GySgt USMC Retired Kokomo, IN

Well, being that I was just sending a response to her I only sent this,

Hi there,  

  Since this McCain support letter was sent to me, I feel I need to reply to you because this is my country as well.  And I will begin with one simple question.  

 How is electing someone who has been a Republican in Washington D.C. for 26 years and has voted with the Republican by the name of George W. Bush 90% of the time a “Change” you can trust?

 I know that is something that Barack Obama has said.  But have you taken the time to find out if that is true?  McCain did vote against Bush’s tax cuts, but that has been the only time he broke with Bush on the economy issues.  He has voted for war right along side of Bush.

 How has McCain supported his fellow vets that are serving or have served in the Military?

 John McCain voted against the new G.I. Bill to pay for college degrees that would actually cover the full cost of a college education.  John McCain voted against pay increases for our troops now serving in the military.  Barack Obama voted for both of these and the Republicans would not allow these bills to come to the Senate Floor for a vote.  As for McCain, I know he was a POW for 5 1/2 years, so were many other great soldiers.   As a matter of fact, there are soldiers that were POWs held in Iraq from the first Gulf War that sued Iraq for damages for violating the Geneva Convention in term of treatment of POWs.  President Bush has blocked that law suit from happening.  McCain has failed to support the troops in following through with their suit against Iraq.  And just remember John McCain was the one singing,”Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran.”

 Energy Policy, Where has McCain been on these issues?

 John McCain stood hand and hand with G. W. Bush and his fellow Republicans against renewable energy sources.  He changed his tune just a few months ago when gas prices started to go up.  His cure in the months of May and June were gas tax holidays.  Obama was against them because they would not have solved the problem.  And most of his Fellow Republicans were against them as well.  McCain has been side by side poopooing Solar Power.  Denver International Airport is now powered by mostly Solar Power,  Go figure, it took a Democratic Governor Bill Ritter elected in 2006 to give the go ahead for that project.  But let me mix a bit of Energy and Economics with the oil companies.

Record profits for the oil companies while we suffer at the pump. Again McCain stood side by side with Bush until just a few months ago and remember his cure was a gas tax holiday.

 Education Policies and John McCain?

Side by side again with George W. Bush as well as Laura Bush who is supposed to be the great educator. Kept voting for No Child Left Behind and never approved funding for it.  He also stood against head start educational programs for children.  In the letter the writer asks to name one thing Obama has done.  I will make it easier.  Name one piece of legislation McCain has authored to advance the educational system in the United States?  Answer is, None.  Sex education he stands hand and hand with the Abstinence Only programs.  Which leads me to Social Issues.  Oh and did you know that John McCain graduated at #894 out of a class of 899 people in his class at the Naval Academy?

Social Issues and his positions?

 As I mentioned above he has aligned himself with the Evangelical Right which is one of the major reasons he selected Sarah Palin.  He has just changed his stripes and became an anti-choice candidate.  Removing a woman’s reproductive rights.  His side kick Sarah Palin would make it illegal for an abortion to take place even if the pregnancy was the result or rape.  And think about this, if a woman wants to have an abortion and it is illegal, is that going to stop her from having one or will she be forced to go to the back alleys again.

And what about all citizens rights?  Do you believe it is right to discriminate against other citizens? Do you believe that there should be second and third class citizens?  John McCain and Sarah Palin do.  I am talking about LGBT citizens. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender citizens.  As a straight citizen, how would you feel if the majority was able to vote if you could or couldn’t get married? If you believe being LGBT is a choice a person makes,  I ask you to try and choose to be gay or lesbian for one week.  I will ask you when did you choose to be straight?  Should a person be allowed to be fired just for being different?  John McCain does.

 Separation of Church and State?

Do you believe there should remain a separation of Church and State?  If you do, you better look at the Majority of Republicans who would love to see the Bible become the Law of the Land.  And you must wonder why they are voting and supporting John McCain.

 As I said, it was a well written letter, but not true in form. If all the qualifications were to be President was being a POW, we would have many candidates.  I honor his Military experience and thank him for serving our country, but that does not make him the best candidate. And if you are paying any attention I ask you if you noticed that John McCain’s message is no longer “CHANGE” but now has become “REFORM” Washington D. C.

                                                                                                 With Love, HappyCat

P.S. I ask you to vote no on amendment two.  The one that bans same-sex marriage,  Same-sex couples have been married for FOUR years now in Massachusetts and the sky didn’t fall.

Now I have my computer set up to remove all the additional E mail addresses when I open them so I don’t get all that junk to thumb through.  So I opened all the addresses that are attached, over 1,200 just at a glance. and this tells me her husband sent it to me through her address.  

I was wondering if someone might have the time or think that a better response could be sent. maybe link to a few pieces of fact.  So it could be sent to completely debunk this crap.  Jenn says she will hi-jack her husbands emails, and send all the addys to me, she says itis about 10,000 plus or minus.

And a side note, she did tell me her and hubby will vote no on the hate amendment.


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