Gee, why would the professionally closeted GOP congressman from CA feel intimidated by a polite encounter with Mike Signorile at the Republican convention?

Maybe it was because at the 2004 con, Mike asked the conservative about his vote in favor of the Marriage Protection Act — as well as the rumors of Dreier’s homosexuality. That exchange went like this:

“So, are you saying you’re heterosexual?” I continued.

“I’m not going to talk about that issue,” he replied, stammering his way off the show.

Fast forward to 2008. In this hilarious video (Mike also has audio at his pad), Mike goes up to the congressman, and Dreier is clearly friendly — until Mike re-introduces himself and then the Tinkerbells go off in Dreier’s head.

I spotted Dreier working Radio Row and surely thought I should follow up from four years ago. Walking along with a bearishly buff body guard, Dreier seemed friendly and eager to talk as I he shook my hand — until he heard my name. At that point, he freaked!

How pathetic is that – running to hide behind a curtain then flee the scene? The whole bodyguard deal is weird too – I don’t recall seeing the pols who came around to Radio Row at the Dem convention accompanied by muscle. Most only had harried aides with Crackberrys tagging along. I guess protecting one’s closet requires that sort of backup.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding