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The Picture McCain Doesn’t Want You to See

mccainhat.jpgRemember this great post bmaz did last week? Remember this really damning picture of McCain celebrating his birthday with Charles Keating, the villain of the last big taxpayer bailout of unrestrained Republican greed? Here’s the article where bmaz got that photo (download the whole pdf from The Phoenix Gazette, September 12, 1993).

Apparently, that’s a picture and an article that have been all-but buried, until bmaz got a hold of it.

I guess McCain didn’t want any proof out that there he’s been helping big money rip off taxpayers for his entire career.

And that he looks like an idiot doing it.

Tell us again, Senator McCain, about your integrity and independence from the fat cats and lobbyists who cooked the laws that created this financial fiasco, or about your fitness to lead us out of it. I’m all ears.

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The Picture McCain Doesn’t Want You to See