The sports complex that Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s supporters call her most visible legacy as mayor of her hometown left the town paying inflated prices for the land and huge legal bills, according to court records.

But the city never obtained clear property to the title until this year, after a lengthy court battle with developer Gary Lundgren, who owned part of the land on which the complex sits.

“When they started building, the title to the land was in my name,” said Lundgren, who now lives in Panama.

The city originally paid $145,000 for part of the land. The rest of it was valued at about $21,000.

It ended up paying more than $1.5 million, not counting its own legal fees.

They say the complex isn’t breaking even, and the city has to cough up cash to keep it running. And the legal battle is still ongoing. Nice reformer, McCain.




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