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Me n’ Perez….

Remember when I posted the diary about Brad Pitt giving $100,000 to fight Prop 8, and wondered in that post why Pitt seemed to be one of the few celebrities to do so?

Well, Perez Hilton goes further and makes a good point that a surprising number of gay celebs or other high-net-worth/high-profile people in our community have not donated.

Now, maybe (hopefully) a lot of these people are donating anonymously?

And can I just say that while I am not really in Perez' target demographic, I have been, and continue to be, so impressed by the amount of posts he devotes to political information and causes. 

He has gotten a lot of flack from his “base” complaining that they want Gossip! and to Stop Teh Political Crap!

To these people he has basically said: Screw you, this is my blog, number one, and number two – all of us are affected by what goes on in Teh Politics and everyone should care a hell of a lot more. He has even posted a video saying as much.

Think what you will about Perez, but he is making a lot of people aware of political events and this coming election. His base is young people and, IF WE CAN GET THEM INVOLVED, wil usually vote Democratic and – vote to end discrimination.

Which is good for us.






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Julien Sharp

Julien Sharp