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McCain/Palin, Who is going to repay the National 9,600,000,000,000 Plus Debt?

  The Iraq war is well over Trillion Dollars.  AIG was just bailed out with tax dollars of Eighty Five Billion.  Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac cost Two Hundred Billion.  That is a bunch of Debt.

 I am in debt by $30,000 (Divorce related) and working like crazy to pay that off.  A bail out would help me out greatly.  I would love to buy a house but I have to get rid of that debt first. If many like me were bailed out, over 60% of the American people have this amount of debt on Credit Cards. Others have it due to having to choose between making a house payment and/or H/O insurance companies.

 More after the jump.  If the people where bailed out, they could have paid the Credit Companies they owe.  Thus saving both the People and the Credit Companies. And those who don’t have debt would have more money to spend.

 I would be willing to surrender my credit cards for a given period of time if needed.  I am sure many others would as well.  The problem is once you get behind the penalties make it unrealisic to be able to pay.  And now with unemployment rising, there will be more.

 But, NO, bail out the Big Companies, Save Wall St. all along screwing the People. The People who need to be able to be active in order to keep the Big Companies in Business.

 If Americans can’t afford to comsume, IE Purchase things, everyone loses.  Which leads me back to my question,

 Who is going to pay the National Nine Trillion Plus Debt?


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