A week or so ago, it was mistakenly reported by some bloggers and gay news outlets that the Human Rights Campaign had donated a sum of some $10,000 to the Log Cabin Republicans, but it winds up that wasn’t quite the case.  The unfortunate reality isn’t much better.

At first bloggers incorrectly reported that HRC made the March 25 donation to Log Cabin Republicans, prompting criticism since HRC had not made a similar gift to Stonewall Democrats.

The harshest of that criticism came from a Stonewall member. Queertoday.ning.com obtained an e-mail about the issue sent by Steve Driscoll, co-chair of the board for Stonewall Democrats.

“I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am absolutely furious about this. Not only is this inequitable, it’s fucking dismissive and disrespectful,” Driscoll wrote.

After the post, HRC was quick to point out that it did not give money to Log Cabin Republicans but instead to an organization called Republicans Who Care.

Republicans Who Care is a group that works toward electing Republicans it deems moderate.

Being a federally designated non-profit group, Republicans Who Care aren’t able to endorse any one candidate directly, but they can, like many others, raise awareness of issues of importance during an election.

But here’s the rub–a spokesman for Republicans Who Care can’t even remember LGBT issues ever being important in their considerations for support of one candidate or another.

Republicans Who Care spokesman Kirk Walder said he can’t remember LGBT concerns ever being one of those issues.

“While we take a centralist prospective on all issues, including increased tolerance and acceptance, I don’t think we have highlighted that,” Walder said.

In fact, the only pro-gay Republican candidate the group has ever supported was Lincoln Chaffee.  And he lost.

Let me be honest and say that I have been anti-HRC for a number of years because of their blanket rejection of grassroots politicking, but this kind of contribution makes me wonder why any of us continue to support this group.  How many contributors do you know that would be righteously pissed if they knew their money was being spent to support pro-Republican groups?  Supporting moderate Republican candidates is arguably a worthwhile goal, but we’ve fought, with very good reason, to remove Republicans from majority leadership at both the federal and local levels for the past few election cycles.  And HRC continues to do us no favors when it comes to the greater good of the LGBT community.  



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