Former New York Times writer JUDITH MILLER and British/Pakistani radical TARIQ ALI go at it:  Has the "war on terror" made the US stronger and safer or the opposite?

As the US advances towards another General Election, just six weeks off, serious discussion about the current trend of US foreign policy isn’t happening. We’re certainly not hearing it from the candidates. The two major parties differ on fine points but they agree on the overall thrust: the escalation of troops in Iraq is related to a decrease in violence. More troops need to go to Afghanistan. And cross-border assssination raids into Pakistan are ok if the targets are high-value terrorists.

What’s missing is any real debate. But go out into the world and the lines of debate are pretty clear:

To some, the US and its allies are waging war on terrorism and tyranny, for the sake of democratization and good governance? To others, the so called war on terror’s nothing but a front for a desperate push by Western powers to shore up the economic system they have built.

Today we’re going to host two very different views of US foreign policy — its origins and rationales. Former NY Times reporter Judith Miller, left that paper under attack for giving too much credence to the administration’s rationale for the Iraq invasion. She is currently an adjunct fellow at the Manhattan Institute and a contributing editor to their magazine, City Journal. We’re also joined by journalist, historian and novelist Tariq Ali. Born in Lahore, Pakistan and now living in London, Tariq’s latest book is, The Duel: Pakistan on the Flight Path of American Power.

Stay tuned: @1pm EST (10a FDLtime) our media roundtable on the highs and lows of the coverage of the week. With PBS’s MARIA HINOJOSA, the Nation’s IAN WILLIAMS and Pacifica Radio’s AARON GLANZ who’s just published a book based on the Winter Soldier Hearings convened by IRAQ VETERANS AGAINST THE WAR earlier this year. 

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Laura Flanders

Laura Flanders

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