yeehaw_damask1.thumbnail.jpgSarah Palin’s political mentor from the Wasilla salad days dishes the dirt about her profligate spending and disregard for the legislative branch. According Nick Carney, the former city councilman who groomed Palin, the mayor spent $50,000 of taxpayers’ money to redecorate her office:

"I thought it was an outrageous expense, especially for someone who had run as a budget cutter," said Carney. "It was also illegal, because Sarah had not received the council’s approval."

According to Carney, Palin’s office makeover included flocked, red wallpaper. "It looked like a bordello." [Salon]

I guess she’s qualified to be a Republican vice president after all. Her disregard for the legislative branch would make Dick Cheney proud.

[PS: Click on the graphic to see the pattern.] 

Lindsay Beyerstein

Lindsay Beyerstein