Hackers Expose Palin’s Legally Questionable Correspondence

The staff of wikileaks reports that the internet group "Anonymous" hacked Sarah Palin’s email account and submitted their quarry to wikileaks last night.

The McCain/Palin camp are officially outraged about the break-in, which is a tacit confirmation that this isn’t a hoax. Click here to see the screen shots of Palin’s inbox for the account "".

The contents of the inbox confirm that Palin was using her private account for government business. We already knew that Palin’s advisers urged her to use private accounts, a la RNC email accounts, in order to circumvent FOIA requests and skirt subpoenas.

Palin used the account to correspond with many members of her administration including her senior aides Ivy Frye and Frank Bailey, communications officer Beth Leschper, appointee Judy Patrick, Anchorage office director Kris Perry, press secretary Roseanne Hughes, Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell, and deputy communications director Sharon Leighow, among others.

The subjects of many messages sound work-related. One message between Palin and communications director Meghan Stapleton is entitled "Motor Fuel Tax Suspension. An exchange between Palin and her deputy chief of staff Randall Ruaro has the subject line "Draft letter to Governor Schwarzenegger / Container Tax." Other suspiciously governmental headers include: Using Royalty Oil to Lower the Cost of Fuel for Alaskans, Court of Appeals / Executive Director Parole Board / Boards and Commissions, DPS Personnel and Budget Issues, Another Records Request, FW: CONFIDENTIAL Ethics Matter.

John McCain probably wasn’t thrilled to learn that Palin and Ivy Frye were exchanging email about "Veep Talking Points" through this insecure Yahoo account on August 31.

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