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Why Does Sarah Palin Hate God’s Creatures?

When I was in Sunday School, the Book of Genesis we read there taught us all the living creatures on Earth were God’s creation. Though different Biblical translations and versions use different words, I’ve never heard of any version of Genesis that left out God’s role in creating all life on Earth; I’m confident even Sarah Palin’s atavistic, violence-loving Dominionist sect tells the Genesis story this way. So why does Sarah Palin have it in for so many of God’s creatures?

To make the bit of God’s Creation we call Alaska safe for Big Carbon, Sarah Palin ordered Alaska’s Department of Fish and Game to go forth and oppose the Federal proposal to list polar bears as threatened.

Ken Taylor has had easier jobs than this one. It’s not like the good old days chasing rhinos, climbing into bear dens and wrestling beluga whales in shallow water.

These days, sitting at a desk as deputy commissioner of fish and game, the veteran wildlife biologist has to muster the best science he can find to argue that Alaska’s polar bears are in good shape and need no special protection from hypothetical doomsday scenarios.

This requires Taylor to stand up to the prevailing wisdom about global warming in most of the world’s scientific community and the public — not to mention some pretty strong opinions in his own department.

But Taylor, the Palin administration’s point man on polar bears, argues that the scientific justification simply isn’t there — at least not yet — to declare the polar bear "threatened" and touch off a cascade of effects under the Endangered Species Act.

When even the Bushie-controlled Department of Interior listed the polar bears as threatend species, Sarah ordered her obedient servants to go forth and sue to overturn the listing.

Maybe it got personal for Sarah. You see, she didn’t simply leave the fight to her disciples. When even the Bushie-controlled U.S. Geological Survey predicted last year that

two-thirds of the world’s polar bears — and all of those in Alaska — would be gone in 50 years because of the shrinking summer ice cap.

Sarah used her bully pulpit to proclaim the Feds shouldn’t list polar bears as endangered species.

There’s still too much uncertainty about the future melting of the polar ice cap to justify such a listing, Palin told the federal government last week. And declaring any species "threatened" because of possible global warming effects would "open the floodgates" for petitions affecting thousands of other species, she said.

Those pesky "thousands of other species"? Sarah has it in for them, too.

When Alaska voters faced a Clean Water Referendum that effectively decided whether to destroy Bristol Bay’s thriving fisheries and ecosystems with a vast pit mine, Sarah so loved the opportunity to off some more of God’s creatures that she gave her only office broke the law to push for the measure’s passage.

Sarah so hates God’s creature the wolf that she goes forth to profess the cruel practice of exterminating wolves from the air:

Animal advocates, environmentalists and hunters agree. Shooting animals from the air or chasing them to the point of exhaustion and then shooting them violates all standards of fair chase hunting. It is like shooting fish in a barrel.

Is that how Sarah follows Christ’s merciful Word?

Even the NRA admits the aerial killings aren’t "hunting".

It is not sport. It does not follow the basic tenets of fair chase, and it was never intended to do so.

Whatever it is, Sarah so loves the death it brings she wants to buy more of it:

The program, now in its fourth year and operating in five areas of the state, is designed to increase moose and caribou numbers by reducing the number of predators.

The incentives include offering 180 volunteer pilots and aerial gunners $150 in cash for turning in legs of freshly killed wolves, Gov. Sarah Palin’s office announced Tuesday.


Defenders of Wildlife, an advocacy group opposed to the predator control program, said it was outraged by Palin’s decision.

"Bounties have no place in modern wildlife management and undoubtedly would lead to the illegal killing of wolves," Karla Dutton, director of the group’s Alaska office, said in a statement.

Alaska state laws allowing bounty hunting were repealed in 1984, but why would Sarah let a little thing like State law stop her from using her divine power as Governor to pay for more slaughter?

Defenders of Wildlife, the Alaska Wildlife Alliance and the Alaska Chapter of the Sierra Club asked the Alaska Superior Court to shut down Governor Palin’s $150-per-wolf bounty program citing the fact that Alaska’s bounty laws were repealed in 1984 and the State has no current legal authority to implement the bounties.

In her Dominion, Sarah Palin loves her those bounties for killing God’s creatures.

The voters of Alaska twice approved referenda to ban aerial "hunting". After those voters lent Sarah the power to be their governor, she sought to remake her Dominion to subsidize using airplanes to kill off not only wolves, but also black bears.

The Board of Game, which she appoints, has approved the killing of black bear sows with cubs as part of the program and expanded the aerial control programs.

Guess global warming won’t kill enough bears for Sarah’s vision of the Promised Alaska.

Killing the salmon, crab, and other creatures of Bristol Bay. Sacrificing ANWR and the caribou to Big Carbon. Condemning the polar bears, walruses, seals, and Native communities to extinction by global warming. Sacrificing Alaska’s remaining 350 Cook Inlet beluga whales to the Fossil Lords. Slaughtering the wolves and black bears from the air.

When it comes to what the Bible tells us is God’s Creation, is Sarah Palin a servant of the House of Exxon, or the House of the Lord?

Why does Sarah Palin so hate God’s creatures? Creature as she is of corporatist dogma and the death-loving Dominionist sect she so loves she hath funded it with Alaska tax dollars, should she gain yet greater power, what else — and who else — would she condemn to die?


Let us pray.

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