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Carly Fiorino says Sarah Palin doesn’t have the experience to run a big company like Hewlett Packard.  Of course the only place Fiorino ran that was into the ground, but still.  Will they pounce on her for denigrating the experience of a small town mayor?

Chris Bowers wonders why anyone should care about the netroots.  Maybe because our traditional media is broken and the netroots have the ability to help shape messaging by reaching millions of opinion makers each day?  Granted, we’re a motley, decentralized band.  But not having an outreach strategy until you are in trouble is incredibly short sighted and needlessly cedes a potential tactical advantage to Grandpa.

.  Obama campaign turns down request by Shumer and Reid for money for Senate races, but says they can use his name.

Jill does the math:  what John McCain’s health care plan will cost you if your employer provides your insurance.  

Quinnipiac has McCain within 3 in New Jersey (48-45), closing from 51-41 a month ago.

.  Steven Baldwin threatens to leave the country if Obama is elected President.  He was on my plane back to DC from the RNC.  He looked homeless.  His fear is understandable — a McCain administration will probably not be good for those on the street.

Promises, promises.

Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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