We’re now down to the nail-biting days and it looks like what we feared most is occurring — the nomination of Sarah Palin as veep has energized The Base to pour money into “saving marriage” in California. They see it as a last stand.   I’m going to donate tonight – we can’t lose this one. Karen Ocamb filed this report on Sirius OutQ News today:

Since Republican presidential nominee John McCain picked evangelical Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his vice presidential running mate – the Yes on 8 campaign has leapt ahead in the fundraising arena – raising around five million dollars since Sept. 1.

As of right now – the antigay Yes on 8 campaign has sixteen million dollars to spend on expensive commercial air time – compared to eleven million for the No on 8 campaign.

And while all the state’s Episcopal Bishops have come out against Prop 8 – other more conservative religious institutions – such as the Catholic Church – have started advocating in favor of the antigay measure.

The Mormon church has stepped up in a major way – with members contributing one thousand dollars or more – and coming to California in droves to knock on doors.

Jennifer Kerns is a spokesperson for the antigay ProtectMarriage coalition. She told the Utah newspaper the Daily Herald that they have twenty-five thousand volunteers going door to door each weekend – many of whom are Mormons.

Equality California director Geoff Kors – a leader in the No on 8 campaign – told Sirius OutQ News that California could lose marriage equality. He said: “If we can get our message out at the same rate as they can, I believe we will win.  But if they continue to have more resources, it will be very difficult for us to prevail.”

Ocamb will have a more detailed piece,  “Mega A-Gays Missing in Fight Against Prop 8,” in tomorrow’s IN Los Angeles.

Note: Family Equality Council will launch its contribution to the No on 8, Equality for All campaign tomorrow and it will have an organizer on the ground to help LGBT-headed families get engaged in activities on projects to fight Prop 8. The initiative is called Get Engaged: Vote No on 8, so that supporters in the Golden State and around the country will click over to this family point of entry into the No on 8 campaign.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding